This article dives into the integration of Langchain4j, PostgreSQL, and Liquibase within a Spring Boot environment, tailored specifically for Java developers. Langchain4j, a framework designed for efficient vector data management, when combined with PostgreSQL’s robust database capabilities and Liquibase’s schema version control, creates a powerful ecosystem. This guide will walk you through setting up these integrations, detailing the configurations and code necessary to manage complex vector data. By understanding and implementing these integrations, developers can significantly enhance the performance and scalability of their data-driven applications, paving the way for advanced analytics and machine learning operations.

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This is the first article to start studying NATS, so let’s try simple sending and receiving messages first.

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Host key verification failed

If you delete the known_hosts file, you will encounter the following situations when operating vscode.

How to fix?

$ ssh-keyscan -t rsa >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
# SSH-2.0-babeld-17a926d7

After completion, you can continue to operate vscode.

有的時候雖然有做驗證, 但你會看到這樣的錯誤訊息

"timestamp": "2020-07-06T00:55:52.132+00:00",
"status": 500,
"error": "Internal Server Error",
"exception": "java.lang.IllegalAccessError",
"message": "未知錯誤",
"path": "/api/v1/marketingActivity/prizeWheel"

這樣真的很不明確, 前端工程師必須一個一個去檢查到底是哪個值有問題, 久而久之你就會看到前後端大大們在門口定孤枝XD

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Why use Spring Cloud Function

Why choose Spring cloud function to develop serverless services?

Spring framework still provides abstraction capabilities to decouple our serverless services from the platform. If the developed services need to be moved to different cloud providers, you almost only need to choose a different adapter without changing the writing and settings. The biggest benefits of decoupling from the different cloud platforms.

Currently Spring cloud function provides AWS Adapter, Azure Adapter and GCP Adapter.

Spring Cloud Function on CNCF landscape

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